Arduino Cart + FPV

Turn it into an explorer

March 22, 2016

The heart of the project is an Arduino UNO plus a motor driver board. The cart itself is a platform for learning different kinds of sensors and how they work together to realize the desired intelligence such as obstacle avoidance; track following; Bluetooth control, etc. Arduino programming is the core learning of the class. Optionally, a FPV (First Person View) goggle can be added to the platform. Via a 5.8GHz RF link, the cart is turned into an explorer where driver takes the perspective as if he is riding on the vehicle him/herself while exploring into places.

Technical Coverage

    Arduino hardware + programming

    Infrared sensors, Ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth functionality

    5.8GHz video link and how it works with the camera for transmission

    FPV Goggle

    Example videos