Marine Litter Detective

April 18, 2017

The map above shows in detail how our marine detective has traveled around the city in one whole week's time. A piece of trash being dumped to our ocean could probably follow a similar trajectory. It goes around repeatedly across our Victoria Harbour from east to west and from west to east. The journey continued until it suddenly began to head south towards Lamma Island (left hand side of the map), where it was then stranded ashore and eventually stayed at the beach for 2 weeks. Seeing that the battery power continued to run out, we came to the beach to pick up the detective following the GPS coordinates it sent to the cloud... it was a place that couldn't be reached on land so a small boat was commissioned for the task of retrieval...

So the detective has shown some insight to us... at least that, as we came to this northern part of the Lamma Island, almost all of the beaches were heavily polluted by marine rubbish... could it be an indication that the Lamma Island has in fact served as one of the "natural" trap where lots of marine debris would eventually reach and get "stucked" at?

The video below shows how polluted our beaches can be:

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